Instagram Algorithm 

Instagram Algorithm 

Back in March 2016, Instagram announced that they were going to start using an algorithm. However, since the company wasn’t more explicit about it, most Instagram users have been wondering about it in order to get more followers.

Luckily, last June, Instagram decided to solve the entire mystery behind their algorithm and they went ahead and spoke to a group of reporters in San Francisco. So, now you know what is behind the Instagram algorithm and you can now start getting more followers easily.

Ever since it was launched, Instagram has changed a lot of things. One of the changes that got more publicity was when the company decided to reverse the chronological feed of the posts. This way, and up from that moment, when you logged in in your Instagram account, you would see the recent posts first. The truth is that this wasn’t a popular change and even though many people didn’t like it, Instagram stood by it.

However, more important than the changes that Instagram implemented in the past is the way the algorithm works nowadays. After all, when you know how the algorithm works, you can create a better Instagram campaign that gets you more followers and more engagements.

The Instagram algorithm is based on different factors to rank the posts in your feed:

#1: Freshness:

While you can’t revert the chronological data of the posts, one of the best things about the Instagram algorithm is that you will always see the more recent posts as you log in.

So, when you are thinking about creating a marketing campaign for your brand on Instagram, you should definitely consider the time your followers, as well as your target audience, are usually online. This way, you’re making sure that they see your fresh content as soon as they log in.

#2: Relationships:

One of the main goals of Instagram is to improve relationships between their users. So, with this factor included in their algorithm, Instagram is trying to deliver the best content to your feed. How? It’s pretty simple. When you comment or like someone else’s posts, you will immediately start to see more content of that user in your feed. So, when you already have a close relationship with another user, you can be sure that you will never miss their posts again no matter the number of followers they have,

When using Instagram to promote your brand as well as when you want to increase your followers, engaging with your followers is crucial. Just leave them a like, a simple comment on one of their posts or engage via DMs and they will be more likely to react.

Another thing that can help you get more followers is to use the Instagram Insights. With this feature, you can easily know which ones of your posts have better results and you can then replicate them easily.

#3: Your Interest:

What the Instagram algorithm does is that it analyzes each post that you have in your feed and the way you interact with them in the past to only show you the ones that should interest you more.

So, as you can imagine, one of the best things you can do is to truly engage with your followers. Make sure that you create calls to action, ask them a question, entice them to comment your posts and to like them. The more they interact with you, the more likely it is for them to have your posts in their feed.

#4: Other Less Important Factors:

While the first three factors are definitely the most important ones for the Instagram algorithm, there are other factors that have a word to say regarding the posts that show up in your feed. These include the usage that you give to the Instagram app, the number of people that you are following, and the number of times you open Instagram.

Now that you already know the main and secondary factors that have a role in the Instagram algorithm, it will be easier for you to create an online marketing campaign specifically for Instagram. With this new information, Instagram is trying to help their users to get the most out of their platform.