Social media and Esports industry

What is Esports?

The online gaming industry is booming. Every day, millions of games are being played online. Online gaming has been given the term Esports. Whether you want to class it as a sport or not, Esports are attracting 10s of millions to the final events.

So what is Esports? Esports is basically pro video-game playing

Kids and adults have been playing games  playing computer games against each other for a long time.  In the early 2000’s  computers became cheaper and the internet became faster, which made it much easier for more people to get involved with computer gaming. It also became easier to connect with gamers around the world, so people could play against each other – and watch others.


For your Esports team to get out there and reach a fan base, you must attack social media below are some quick tips:

Increase your followers

You can buy Instagram followers from various places online. No one will tell you but you must fake it till you make it.

Be Interesting

Take a quick look at the content on your various social media platforms. If it’s not interesting to you, chances are it’s not interesting to your fans. The most effective social media posts are those that include more information and interaction rather than those that advertise.

Be Visual

Everyone loves looking at photos. Encourage fans to post photos from your team and tag your page where appropriate. When your players’ friends see what a great time they’re having, they’ll want to come too. Word of mouth advertising is the best there is. Encourage it with photos.

Be Interactive

Use your social media platforms to promote your casino’s Players’ Club. You can offer discount codes, special promotions or contests and promote everything via your social media pages. This is also a great way to encourage membership and participation

Hopefully, by now you have started thinking about your current social media strategies and are energized to try some of the new ideas above. Social media can be a challenging maze to navigate.

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